New Post has been published on announce new Saints Row - Gat Out of HellWhen we heard that Volition was kicking off PAX this weekend and would be announcing their new project, we knew there was a good chance it was going to be related to the Saints Row franchise. Especially when the voice of one of its characters was there to help present the panel and then later …… read more »

New Post has been published on take Valve to court over Steam refund policySteam’s policy of refunding can be a bit of a nightmare at the best of times. Now the ACCC (Australian Competition and Consumer Commission) are planning to take Valve to court over the policy which they argue is in “breach of the Australian Consumer Law for businesses”. Pretty serious …… read more »

The noisiest loaf in all the land.
So, this is what I’ve been doing recently in modpack. 
This is kind of what I’d love to do once I got onto the AJCO server: set up a patch of reclaimed land in the middle of an otherwise dirt-free area and then grow loads of fruit, veg and trees to feed myself and trade. :) 
Obviously this is just a tester to see if it was a thing I could do without getting bored. :P The answer is: YES, very much so! 
(Don’t expect me to do EXACTLY this, depends where the story is when I get there.)

This game supports more than two players.


A fantastic article written by TotalBiscuit. Whatever your views are on the state of our industry I emplore you to give it a read.


New Post has been published on Xbox One Kinect releases in OctoberMicrosoft’s decision to separate their newest console from the Kinect has so far proven to be a good idea. Sales of the Kinect-less and thus cheaper Xbox One have been high and interest in the console that includes the Kinect has also gone up. So far though the separate Kinect for the console …… read more »

New Post has been published on close San Francisco OfficeCreators of popular and long-running MMO EVE Online have closed yet another American office following on from the closure of their Atlanta office earlier this year. This time it’s the office in San Francisco as CCP move to “combine and simplify” their operations.


The closure also co …… read more »

ALL Ferguson Voters have the power to make this happen! Make it go viral and share!
Knowledge is power.


Two one-shots I randomly wrote due to the recent Little!Slime!Smiffy hype going on!
I couldn’t help finding the idea adorable so I just had to write it!

Basically the idea is that Ross and Trott accidentally tame a little slime that soon enough becomes Alsmiffy.

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I fully expected the pity pat to result in a tiny slime stuck to Ross’ hand. I laughed at that image.