There is no agony like bearing an untold story inside you.


New Post has been published on to get in-game ‘black market’ currencyThe people behind the popular mech FPS game, Titanfall, are planning something special for the next update, called simply Update 5. They’re introducing what has been called a ‘black market currency’ into the game, which is really a system for earning points.


The points can be …… read more »

New Post has been published on Boom to introduce over a dozen non-playable ally charactersFollowing the introduction of new characters Sticks and Lyrics, Sega have announced that addition of a heap more ally characters into the Sonic Boom universe, in a range of different positions.


The characters will appear in both the games of Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric for Wii U, and …… read more »


Everytime Ross falls now, he makes either a weird meep sound or a slight scream

Ah, the reason I began to crush on the guy…

Do the yogpets look up to their bloodline yog like a role model? Or would there be some who are like "oh man I can't believe I came from this joker"


Again that’s up to you.
Some Pups are convinced that they are the Yog
Others would be either like “Eww” or “Yayyy!”
But that’s again, entirely up to you

Nyx loves his father/maker/DNA donor.
… And sometimes is confused by him.

Update on my progress through RvB:



New Post has been published on Minecraft project to cover 5,200 virtual km²A group of people are working on a Minecraft map that is poised to become to largest Minecraft map project ever.


In its third incarnation, the project named Aerna, will be a massive map that spans many virtual km² populated by towns, castles and virtual terrain that is designed to  …… read more »